The enchanted secrets of the Guarasu’wes forest

November 7th, 2023

There are places in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where nature bears witness to ancient stories, such as the one of the man who sails alone or of the rain that, after the rain, never stops falling. In Revista Nómadas, the millenary voices of the indigenous people become six illustrations that tell microchronicles that should never be forgotten.

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The man who sails alone

When almost all the Guarasu’wes decided to migrate to Picaflor, Lorgio decided to stay. Leaving the river, his origin, sounded unimaginable. Despite the solitude, Lorgio feels a sense of peace and tranquility every time life allows him to take a little time to gather his canoe, his paddle hidden among the trees, and paddle the waters of the Bajo Paraguá. Lorgio knows that, even though it seems like he is always alone, nature accompanies him.

The Rain, After the Rain

After the rain, the forest holds a mystery that few know. The raindrops slide shyly down the leaves. The wind whispers secrets, and the rain, far from ceasing, seems to find its refuge in this corner of the world. After it stops raining, the drops continue to fall gently within the jungle, from branch to branch, from leaf to leaf, like a soft music that caresses everything. This is known by the wild animals, the rich vegetation, and the Guarasu’wes indigenous people who live in the Municipal Protected Area of Bajo Paraguá and the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park (Santa Cruz, Bolivia), who have maintained a special relationship with this piece of the planet where the rain, after the rain, never stops falling.

Bella Vista

In the heart of Noel Kempff Mercado National Park (Santa Cruz, Bolivia), Bella Vista emerges as a magical and ancestral place where the Guarasu’wes weave their existence with threads of tradition and wisdom. The indigenous community treasures the millenary richness of the jungle, being guardians of a world where nature dictates the laws, and the cycles of life are venerated with profound respect. In Bella Vista, time flows to the rhythm of the seasons, and the connection with the land and its secrets is the driving force that keeps the Guarasu’wes’ legacy alive, transcending generations, a silent song in defense of the ancestral richness of the world.

A tree in the water

In a not-so-remote place along the Paraguá River, a majestic old tree stands tall. Its unruly branches, some of them, lean towards the crystal-clear water that winds from the other side of the horizon. In its reflection, a mirror of serenity is created, inviting you to stay, to return. In this natural sanctuary, the most beautiful birds of this world nest, singing like never before, dancing as always. The shade of this tree is the refuge of countless living beings during the scorching sunny days. When night falls over the river, the stars assume their role as guardians of the mystery that envelops this magical corner of Bolivia.

The Jungle and the Asaí

In the lush Amazon jungle of Bolivia, açaí harvesters venture into a magical and ancestral world. They slide among the giant palms and dense vegetation in search of the precious purple fruits. With skill and respect for nature, they climb and collect the berries with dexterity. Açaí, the fruit of life, is more than just food; it is a ritual of connection with the land, a tradition woven with the heartbeat of the jungle itself, and a legacy passed down from generation to generation. Each harvest is a song to life, a dance between man and nature, a tribute to the natural wealth and the wisdom of those who protect it.

The jaguar in Its Kingdom

It was not like lightning. It was not seen at the speed of lightning. The jaguar swayed its tail with the patience of a slow wind as it walked along the dirt road, in one of the few thickets that still remain in the cruceño forest, in the heart of Guarasu’wes territory. The great feline of the Americas advanced slowly, in the late afternoon without sun because the sun, within the forest, is a rain of lights that creates the perfect temperature. At some point, it turned around to see who was watching it. At another moment, it stopped to sniff the air from its sides. Then it merged with the jungle, and the night fell in its kingdom.




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