Rivers that sing and beings that resist: the untamed hope in the Bolivian Amazon

Amidst the majesty of the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, Ignacia Montero, Luis Carlos Rocha, and Benedicto Durán, fight with determination to preserve their cultural legacy and the rich biodiversity of the Bolivian Amazon heartland. Resistance against extinction takes on new meaning in this region, where nature and tradition intertwine.

The Temperature in Santa Cruz increases 83% more than the rest of the planet

The research by Fundación TIERRA reveals that climate change in the Santa Cruz region is both a consequence and, at the same time, a cause of the accelerated and uncontrolled expansion of agriculture and deforestation. Over the past 40 years, global warming has increased the world’s temperature by 0.6°C, yet Santa Cruz has experienced a rise of 1.1°C. Additionally, rainfall in the area has decreased by 27% compared to four decades ago.

Over 52% of deforestation in Bolivia was illegal in 2022

Bolivia is the country with the highest per capita loss of primary forest worldwide. Its deforestation rate per person is four times higher than that of Brazil. The Global Forest Watch (GFW) platform reveals the harsh reality that the country’s forests and the world are facing.

Amelia Pereira Frei: «My grandfather doesn’t want to die taking his language’s wisdom with him»

She is the coordinator of the Guarasu’we Language and Culture Institute. She feels a great need and concern to recover the living words of her people, which are in danger of extinction.

Bolivia’s Invisible Amazon

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: BOLIVIA'S INVISIBLE AMAZON August 21th, 2023 When the world hears the word Amazon, it generally thinks of Brazil first. But the largest tropical forest in the world clings to life across the territories of nine South American countries. Among them, Bolivia. This is...

The Amazon on the Edge of the Abyss: The Battle to Prevent Irreversible Loss

The Amazon is in a critical state, on the verge of irreversible loss due to rampant deforestation. This report highlights the urgent call to save our planet and preserve this invaluable ecosystem. Worried voices, impactful testimonies, and alarming data reveal the serious situation that the Amazon region is facing. It is time to act before it’s too late and to listen to the silent cry of the jungle.

Yaneramai and the pumpkin seed: the Guarasu’we resistance in the Amazon without frontiers

The indigenous amazon people whom Yaneramai created from the seed of a pumpkin, are facing difficult days in the territories of Bolivia and Brazil. But the strength of a culture whose accomplice is life without haste is stronger than the threats to their territory.

Special: The golden shield protecting the TIPNIS

In the rivers of the northern part of the Indigenous Territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park,», reigns supreme the dorado, also known as river tiger, the fish species that «drives international visitors crazy». In this remote part of Bolivia, a tourism project is being developed based on sustainable fly fishing with obligatory return, an activity that puts the brakes on the enemies of the forest.

The Great Chaco-Pantanal Binational Conservation Landscape has to be protected so the song of life does not stop

Bolivia and Paraguay are joining forces to consolidate a biological landscape of 20 million acres unique in the world, located mainly in South American Gran Chaco, its ranked as the second largest biological landscape after the Amazon.

The house of the uncontacted indigenous and the «factory» of clean air and rain for the planet

The South American Chaco is the last refuge of the Ayoreos in voluntary isolation. The whole world gets benefits by protecting their trees.